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"Just a note to thank you so much for all your help
with the launch.  The professionalism was there for all
to see and I felt it really could not have gone better.
We’re now getting media interest nationally and
internationally (CNN today) so hopefully the website
will be getting plenty of hits."

Reverend Martin Gorick
vicar of Holy Trinity church


"We need to raise £5 million to stop
Shakespeare’s Church from falling down!"


It’s not the usual opening line by a client during an initial meeting,but there’s nothing better than a challenge to get the creative juices flowing - and we had some god material to work with - a buildingthat dates back 800 years and the world’s most famous playwright, William Shakespeare.


The Trustees of the Friends of Shakespeare’s Church needed a website, but it soon became apparent that this project would be more than just delivering a site. We worked closely with the charity to deliver a first and then second generation CMS website, develop their branding, designed and produced fundraising literature aimed at different target audiences and created display systems within the church.


As well as developing the visual identity for the charity, we were asked to organise several events including the launch of the Friends which involved
co-ordinating security, caterers, the media, RSC actors, the Trustees and invited guests.


To date Friends of Shakespeare’s Church has raised in excessof £1 million and they are on the way to reaching their target amount to secure Holy Trinity Church for future generations.



"It is with considerable pleaure that I write on behalf of the
Friends of Shakespeare’s Church to experess our sincere thanks
for your tremendous efforts in helping to launch the new charity.

Thank you for all you did to help and for your professionalism in ensuring that it all happened on time and within budget!
I think we can consider the project finally afloat."

Dr Philip J Cheshire

Brand image for Friends of Shakespeare's Church, a charity based in Stratford-upon-Avon



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